Women’s sex drive vs. men’s sex drive – HOT RAWKS, a solution for both

A lot of studies, projects and researches were conducted in order to compare women’s sex drives to men’s sex drives. Although some patterns have been found, many people may feel something completely different.

Men’s sex interest is certainly much more straightforward than women’s. But the interesting fact is that women’s sex drive is stronger, even if it is influenced by context and environment. Men think more than women about sex, even when both are getting older and they fantasize less. Even more, men have more frequent and varied fantasies than women.

hot_rawks1_2Losing interest in sex may be cause by many different factors, from stress, lack of sleep to certain diseases or disorders. But HOT RAWKS is the remarkable supplement able to bring back the sexual desire, to intensify pleasure, increase the sexual performance and improve the sexual energy. The great thing about HOT RAWKS is that it can be used by women and men as well, therefore both of you and your partner can enjoy the amazing benefits. Detailed reviews about this product you can find on the website www.hot-rawks.net

Women’s sexual practices, attitudes and desires are influenced by many factors of cultural and social nature. Their attitude and motivation to have various sexual practices are more likely to modify in time, rather than men. Men are more specific and strict about the people they prefer to have sex with, who they become aroused by and even by people they fall in love with.

Women’s sexual interest is weaker and more susceptible to influence than men’s not because of the difference between men’s and women’s sexual expectations, but due to their genetic material. In other words, women have to select their partners thoroughly, because they may become the father of their children and therefore taking care of their children. Women would like to have beside them men who would stay around and help them while taking care of the baby. This is why women prefer men with resources, due to their ability to support the raising of children.

Women’s path to sexual satisfaction is considerable less straightforward than men’s. This is because women’s desire is greatly influenced by emotion, being more subjective then men’s. Women have to feel connected first, only then they will have sex. But for men, sex represents the connection and their language of intimacy.

Loss of libido is a common problem encountered by both women and men, often being associated with personal or professional stress or to some major event that changed their life and balance. A persistent or recurrent loss of libido may be caused by an underlying medical, personal or lifestyle problem, this is why the root of the problem should be removed or solved first.

Many supplements have the benefits of raising the libido and improving the sex drive. HOT RAWKS is a supplement designed to be administered to both women and men, intensifying the pleasure, enhancing the libido, improving the lubrication and providing stronger erections.

The overall vitality will be increased, the sexual energy will be improved and the sensory nerves will be stimulated with HOT RAWKS. Take HOT RAWKS and your sexual life will be much more satisfactory!

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